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Parts Factory has been in the auto parts business for many years. We have a lot of experience in providing high-quality Door Lock Actuator, interior car door handle and other products for our customers. Our products are made from top-quality materials by our expert engineers so that you can be sure about their durability and performance. Our customers are satisfied with our products and always recommend us to their friends because of our excellent services, including delivery and installation. So, if you need help with your car door handle or any other related product, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Door Lock Actuator

The Products of Parts Factory as Door Lock Actuator, Interior Car Door Handle. The Products of Parts Factory is a professional manufacturer that has made interior car door handle for many years. Our products are exported to Europe, America and other countries. We have more than ten years of experience producing these kinds of parts. The material we use is the best quality steel and plastic, which can be recycled again after using it many times. Our products are all made by CNC machines and are 100% inspected before leaving the factory to ensure good customer quality.

Our products are exported to many countries. We have a good reputation in this industry due to the high quality of our products and competitive price.

Door Lock ActuatorHolden Door Locking Mechanism

The Holden Door Locking Mechanism is an integral part of a car. It is used to lock and unlock the car door using a key. This part comprises many factors, including a spring, a rod and a rod guide.

Our company provides various Interior Car Door Handle products that are high in quality, solid and durable. They have been widely applied in automobiles, trucks, trailers, buses and other vehicles. The spring is a mechanical device used to store energy. It stretches or compresses when the door is opened or closed. The rod and rod guide are two separate parts that work together with the spring to lock and unlock the car door.

Interior Car Door Handle

Interior Car Door Handle

Our company provides various Interior Car Door Handle products that are high in quality, solid and durable. They have been widely applied in automobiles, trucks, trailers, buses and other vehicles. Besides, these products are extensively used for home appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

Next, ensure that your car door handle is correctly aligned before attempting to fix it. If it’s not, you may have no control over where the switch points are going when pressing them down. This can cause problems later on with trying to fix them if they’re out of alignment with the cylinder shape (not round). Rectangular shape!

Exterior Car Door Handle Parts

The Exterior Car Door Handle Parts you grab to open the car door. It’s usually made of plastic, metal or rubber and attached to the inside of your vehicle’s door by a rod or cable. You can find exterior car door handles in many different styles, including:

  • Round shape
  • Octagonal shape
  • Oval shape (not round)

If you have a car door handle that won’t open, then there are a few things you can do to fix it. First, try using the button inside the car door handle (if there is one) and see if that works. If not, check to see if your power locks work – if they do, then your problem is most likely with the lock itself rather than anything else!

Fix Car Door Handle Interior

If you have a car door handle that is stuck or no longer working, the internal part of the door handle needs to be replaced. The Fix Car Door Handle Interior is a small part of your car, but it can cause significant problems if it does not work correctly. Here are some tips on how you can fix your interior car door handle without having to remove the entire door panel:

  • First, locate where your problem is coming from by testing all of your vehicle’s electrical system functions. This includes checking lights and switches to determine what works properly and doesn’t (or only partially).
  • Once you’ve found out which parts need replacing, go ahead and purchase new ones, so they’re ready when fixing time comes around! Please ensure these items are compatible before buying them online; otherwise, there may be problems later down the road when trying out different combinations like me!

Exterior Car Door Handle Repair Near Me

An Exterior Car Door Handle Repair Near Me is an essential part of your car. It provides access to your vehicle and allows you to close and lock it when you’re done using it. There are many different types of car door handles that can be made out of plastic or metal. For example, exterior car door handles may be made from metal, while interior ones might be plastic. However, the most common type is a non-locking latch which will release after pushing the button on the inside of the handle and releasing pressure on the outside. It’s worth noting that some vehicles have specialty locks for their doors – for example, if you have a key fob, then there will likely be buttons located nearby where you can press them to unlock/lock your doors without having to manually pull up/push down on each door handle (which would take forever!).

In some cases, though, when something goes wrong with one part like this, other features such as locks might need replacing too because they operate together as units, so make sure everything works properly before taking off on any long journeys!

The Products of Parts Factory as Door Lock Actuator, Interior Car Door Handle

The Products of Parts Factory is the leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality door lock actuator, interior car door handle, exterior car door handle parts, fixed car door handle, and interior and exterior car door handle repair near me.

The most common type of exterior door handle is round. It has a simple design, with two holes on the sides that allow you to grab onto it quickly. Octagonal handles are also popular because they give your car a unique appearance. Oval-shaped door handles are not as standard but can be found on some luxury models or SUVs.

If your car has an interior door handle that’s not working properly, getting in and out of your vehicle can be a pain. If the door lock actuator is broken, you may be unable to open the car door from the inside or outside. This can be dangerous if there’s an emergency and you need to get out quickly.


The parts factory is one of the leading companies in Australia in manufacturing door lock actuators, and interior car door handles. The products are high-quality, durable, and reliable materials for extended use. Various models and colours can be chosen according to your requirements. We also provide after-sale service to ensure that our customers receive the best experience with our company.

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